【Specified Skilled Worker】1st batch selected 

Kaicom DREAM STREET Co., Ltd. supports young people in Bangladesh who want to work in Japan under the Specified Skilled System.
The Specified Skilled System is a system aimed at accepting foreigners with a certain level of expertise and skills in industrial fields where it is difficult to secure human resources in Japan.

Applicants are listening intently to the job description

This time, we looked for applicants who have passed the Agriculture Skill Assessment Test and have Japanese language proficiency of JLPT N4 or higher.
In Bangladesh, the Agriculture Skill Assessment Test started in February 2023.
We were worried about the number of applicants since the test had just started, but there were more than 20 applicants!
We really felt their enthusiasm to work in Japan.

Scene of the group interview

It was very attractive that they listened intently to the explanation before the interview, and we were also impressed to see them present themselves well by using Japanese language during the interview.

In this selection process, we selected several young people, but it was very difficult to select from among the applicants who were sparkling with motivation and hope.

These young people will be working for Japanese companies after training at Kaicom DREAM STREET's training center.
All of us at Kaicom DREAM STREET will do our best to support them so that they can be successful in their careers in Japan.