I have a DREAM

Heartiest welcome to the Kaicom Dream Street Website !

There are many young people in Bangladesh who have dreams for a bright future.
However, due to lack of opportunity many people give up their dreams in middle.
This is really miserable for me.
Under these circumstances, Miki Watanabe, the founder of Watami Group, has continued to support to the youth of Bangladesh to pursuit their dreams.
He has been providing Japanese standard education by constructing a school in Bangladesh science 10 years.
I am very grateful and inspired a lot for his activities in Bangladesh.
I also like to support Bangladesh young people to realize their dreams comes true, So we Establish Kaicom DREAM STREE together with Mr. Watanabe.

We believe that one day we will see our Bangladeshi young people will gather knowledge from Japan, return with their experience to Bangladesh, and realize their big dreams.
I also believe that this will deepen the friendship between Japan and Bangladesh and contribute to the development of both countries.

I am sure that we will face many challenges in the future, but with your support and cooperation, we will surely fulfill this mission.
We will continue to move forward together and do our best to realize every body’s dreams.

Managing Director DAS ANJAN


NameKaicom DREAM STREET Co., ltd.
addressANZ Hoq Eleven Square 7th Floor, House No-1, Road No-11, Block-H, Banani, Dhaka 1213.
Our Business
  • Business related to technical intern trainees and specified skilled trainees
  • Provision of information on overseas employment
  • Recruitment and dispatch of human resources



Company establishment ceremony held in Bangladesh


The first seven students began their first term of training.